Optimizing movement, performance & physical longevity.

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A movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and and usable ranges of motion.

Your 30 day challenge includes :

  • 30 progressive daily doses

  • 3 months of unrestricted access and playtimes to video content

  • 3 CARs (Controlled Articular Rotation) routines

  • 15 Kinstretch routines (60 +/- min)

  • + 24/7 support, coaching, discussions and feedback

  • + Resources section on core, breathing, feet, etc

  • + BONUS 1 hour DNS class

30 Day Challenge - 5 focus chapters

The challenge is a thorough, progressive journey through your body, teaching you techniques and restoring joint health. One chapter will be released at a time. Each will target multiple areas but have a focus joint. We will cover joint essentials, game changers, challenges and my favourite exercises.

  • Hip

  • Shoulder

  • Spine

  • Extremities - feet, hands, knees, elbows

  • Master class - global focus

my story

I believe MOVEMENT is the the best therapy and our most powerful tool. I am a self proclaimed “movement science geek” and my mission is to bring you high quality movement videos so you can begin your journey of FEELING GOOD and REACHING YOUR PHYSICAL POTENTIAL. I have been a physiotherapist for over 20 years and have a clinical practice in North Vancouver where I use a combination of manual therapy, dry needling and movement. In addition, I am a clinical instructor at the University of British Columbia in the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy. Locally, I teach group KINSTRETCH classes and lead workshops for movement enthusiasts. I love teaching, am CONSTANTLY learning and am insanely curious about anatomy. All bodies and levels are welcome. I hope to see you soon!

  • Registered Physiotherapist

  • Kinstretch Instructor FRCms FRA FR

  • certified DNS practitioner

  • certified Foundation Training Instructor

  • Postural Restoration Institute

  • Fellow Canadian Academy of Manual Therapists

  • Gunn IMS and Acupuncture

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Mobility - Flexibility - Strength - Stability - Control - Joint Health - Injury Prevention - Physical Longevity - Core - Breathing

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Reviews for

The 30 Day Kinstretch MobilityChallenge

I really appreciate that this is not just a series of random stretches, but a very thorough progression to try to address the typical wonkiness in bodies ...After doing the week of hip classes I felt noticeable differences in day to day living and walking, it was pretty exciting!  Each class I’ve been able to feel a difference in being able to turn on my glutes and hamstrings which are pretty sleepy.   I’ve also really appreciated the information on breathing and core and feel more connected to my anterior abdominal muscles.

- Robyn

I can not be happier and motivated with this course, I am learning so much about my body and movement.

- Paulina S

What a great week of exercises!

- Pascale M

The level of details and cues make it feel as though we are in the same room. Fantastic job putting this together. I was amazed at how challenging it was ( in a good way)!

- Jocelyne M

This was such a fantastic class, the constant ques and reminders you provide are so very helpful!

- J.M.

I love it! Thank you so much for the opportunity to do this course.

- Kate T

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for a great course and for all the good content you put online... it has become a great resource for me not only as a yoga teacher but for my own life

- Jimmy M

It is absolutely fantastic! You are very knowledgeable and I just love the exercises and your explanations. BRAVO!!! Looking forward for more.

- P.S.

What you will need :

  • yoga mat

  • 2 yoga blocks

  • 2 tennis balls

  • floor space

  • wall space

  • chair

  • hand towel

  • dowel/hockey stick/broom

  • pillow

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome
    • Structure of the 30 day challenge
    • Rules + Advice
    • Release of Liability
  • 2

    Daily CARs Routines

    • CARs 1 - Classic Morning Routine
    • CARs 2 - Brilliant at the basics
    • CARs 3 - Intensity & Intelligence
  • 3

    Chapter 1 - Hip

    • Day 1 - Hip Essentials
    • Day 3 - Hip Game changers
    • Day 5 - Hip Dance Party
  • 4

    Chapter 2 - Shoulder

    • Day 7 - Shoulder Essentials
    • Day 9 - Shoulder Game Changers
    • Day 11 - Shoulder Hinges & Hovers
  • 5

    Chapter 3 - Spine

    • Day 13 - Spine Essentials
    • Day 15 - Spine Game Changers
    • Day 17 - Spine Challenges
  • 6

    Chapter 4 - Extremities

    • Day 19 - Essentials for lower extremities
    • Day 21 - Essentials for upper extremities
    • Day 23 - The 3 V's
  • 7

    Chapter 5 - Master Class

    • Day 25 - CARs & Capsules
    • Day 27 - Hinges, Holds & Hovers
    • Day 29 - Built to last
  • 8

    Bonus classes

    • FREE Hip Routine
    • Shoulder Opener
    • Spine mobility flow
    • DNS for stability
  • 9

    Resources for Kinstretch

    • Common Terms
    • EVERYTHING you need to know about CARs
    • EVERYTHING you need to know about irradiation
  • 10

    Resources for Core + breathing

    • Breathing
    • Breathing + Mobility
    • Core
    • Core - The Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) model
  • 11

    Resources for Human movement

    • Squat
    • Foot core
  • 12

    Resources for Releasing muscle

    • How to
    • Gluteus med & min
    • Hamstrings
    • Rotator Cuff
    • Posterior hip ( piriformis,etc)
    • Hip flexor & quad
    • Calf

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