Controlled Articular Rotations

CARs are active rotational movements through the outer limits of your joints range of motion. They are the foundation of Functional Range Conditioning and Kinstretch. The challenge is to move with full control and to limit compensations at neighbouring joints. Each lap is slow and mindful. Intensity is optional based on Grade 1-3. CARs are not sexy or glamorous but they are like brushing your teeth - essential. Move your joints every day.

  • CARs are a multipurpose tool :

  • joint mobility

  • joint health

  • joint assessment

  • injury prevention

  • CARs are your essential dose of daily movement. Movement is medicine = nourish articular cartilage, prevent maturation of fibrotic tissue, prevent dysafferentation, maximize cortical representation ( teach your brain about your joint), learn to control your movement, organize your bones and take advantage of your best antiinflammatory.

  • CARs are your circumduction metric. They express and explore your joints WORKSPACE. How big is the circle? Can you move without compensations? Is there aberrant joint function at end range (closing angle pain)? So much useful information to direct treatment and guide training.

  • So simple. So powerful.

  • Move your joints everyday.

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KINSTRETCH : A movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and and usable ranges of motion.

About me

I have been a physiotherapist and studying movement for 20+ years. I use manual therapy, dry needling and movement to help improve function, performance and physical longevity. I've worked through numerous sports injuries and love helping others do the same. In addition to my clinical practice, I teach workshops, lead group mobility classes and am a clinical Instructor at the University of British Columbia. I live on the North Shore of Vancouver with my husband, 2 boys and dog. If I'm not talking about movement you can find me in the mountains or at the beach. Love moving. Love learning. Love teaching. Love travelling. Love coffee. Love food.

  • Registered Physiotherapist

  • Kinstretch Instructor FRCms FRA FR

  • certified DNS practitioner

  • certified Foundation Training Instructor

  • Postural Restoration Institute

  • Fellow Canadian Academy of Manual Therapists

  • Gunn IMS

  • Acupuncture Foundation of Canada

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